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I Know This Is A Long shot......

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Hey everybody! I just recently set up my paypal and have been searching for a bunch of parts that I want for my bike. The list includes:
HID kit
22mm Mikuni Carb
15 tooth front sprocket
DID gold chain
Trail Tech Vapor
R6 Brake Light
Dual Exhausts
TOTAL= $500- $530

Now all of these cost money, and right now I am at a rough spot when it comes to money. So if you would please donate ANY amount of money, it would be greatly appreciated and would give you a shout out! I know this is a long shot but sometimes you have to take chances. If you would like to donate, just message me and I will get back to you. Thanks!
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BTW any tips or other suggestion additions to my bike would be much appreciated!
lol, good stuff! You need a picture of you looking bummed out next to a trashed looking pocket bike, on an Fwy off ramp and with a sign that reads; Will work for pocket bike parts.. :p

Good luck!
way nicer than i was thinking nips
Thanks guys! And yeah I don't think I would do that sign thing since I live in a town with about 700 people haha.
Way way way nicer than I was thinking as well get a job sell your gaming system sell all other toys I fo that all the time I flush out my toys for money but I have def kept all my bikes lol
I'm not old enough to get a job :p. And I actually am selling a bunch of stuff.
Then do like I did then go around and ask neighbors if they have any yard work to do and now you make good with the neighbors and make money mowing lawns ECT just throwing that one out there
Well you shouldn't focus on the crap that deosn't do much for the bike. How bout just things that will increase bikes performance. Tires,carb then maybe suspension,might can come up with s way to make up your own exhaust.

Gotta love trackbikes, don't need half that crap.
Well I like performance but I don't race. I am caring about 50/50 for looks/performance. I like how it looks a lot though. That's why I am 'wish listing' all of this. If anybody would like to donate it would be MUCH appreciated!
Oh my, lol.. This is still going? I was just joking and thinking a funny picture would help your cause(jokingly).. But I'm with prelude. Get yourself some work!!! I was doing odds and ends at 12 and making cash.. Find something that sells and make it, yard work,, wash cars, babysit, SELL YOUR JUNK Game boy, Xbox = Useless! Bikes=FUN

You just better hope a admin delete's this thread so the whole world doesnt see this lameness.. Begging on pocket bike planet?! Come on now...

Good luck to you!:rolleyes:
I will donate 1 euro for each crazy ridiculous photo of you doing something unnecessarily crazy LMAO
When i was 15 i wanted a x18 so bad, i still do. its took me 7 months just to only get 300 bucks. i ended up giving up and decided to work on mhy cag, and i love it so much. just be greafull. i would kill for that thing!
Ya, I'd leave it alone... Just gonna spend that $530 bucks and something new will break.. Replace stuff as it breaks.. You know it will!

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