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I Need help!

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hi, I need a lot of help. I got a mini bike from a family member who hasn't been used since way back, so the problem with it is that it needs a rubber ring for the water pump and if there's anything else missing, who is more experienced can't find the model or something where you can get hold of one, it's a polini engine straight out of the box, all polini:)


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You have to find the correct serial number on the engine and type "polini __" into Google it should tell you what variation or model that engine is now with your newfound information look up your part for that engine or if that doesn't work try polini 49cc in your search bar until an engine comes up thats simmilar
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I am not a polini expert but I believe most were 39cc, whether water cooled or air cooled, they had 4.2 hp or 6.2 hp. I believe they had different cylinders. Then there is the bigger one, 50cc, anywhere from 7hp- 14hp.
I agree, look around the bike, also a picture of the bike on here helps
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