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I need help!

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Is minipocketrockets reliable? Also are there any x19 with manual trans. around?:confused:
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Probably wont find an x19 new because of the new 2 stroke EPA regulations.
minipocket rocket is a reliable site to buy from and sells x19 clutch and manuale if your intersted in a bike i have a very clean x7 and its manual
Let me rephrase that, MPR probably doesent have any left since the last shipment of pocketbikes to enter the US was around last january. You can call them and try.
The website says so, call them and ask, different story. They have CAGs left, maybe a few x bikes too, but x-18 and x-19 are sold out, almost for sure.
Environmental Protection
Air and Radiation EPA420-F-02-045
September 2002
Office of Transportation and Air Quality
Emission Exemption for Racing
Motorcycles and Other Competition
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has adopted emission
standards for recreational vehicles, including snowmobiles, off-highway
motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. This information sheet addresses
questions we have heard from owners about vehicles that are used for
Is EPA regulating racing vehicles?
In the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act, the U.S. Congress directed
EPA to set emission standards for nonroad engines that contribute
to air pollution, including motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and
snowmobiles. However, Congress excluded nonroad vehicles that are
“used solely for competition.” We therefore adopted regulations that
generally exclude from the new regulations vehicles used for competition.
What qualifies as competition?
For snowmobiles, motorcycles, and ATVs, we generally consider the
term “competition” to include only organized racing. It may include both
amateur and professional racing, but is limited to closed-course racing
and open-course racing that is formally sanctioned by a recognized
racing organization. All other uses are considered to be “recreational.”
What about existing vehicles?
Our regulations do not require manufacturers to certify vehicles before
2006. Therefore, the EPA restrictions related to competition generally do
not apply to vehicles that were manufactured before 2006. We do not
restrict how you may use these older vehicles.
How do I know if my vehicle is excluded?
Manufacturers generally already label most racing vehicles to show that
they are competition models. We allow manufacturers to put those labels
only on those vehicles that we determine will be used solely for competition.
Manufacturers will need to certify that all their other vehicles meet
our standards and add a label showing that these are EPA-certified
vehicles. If you use an EPA-certified vehicle for competition only, it
does not need to meet emission standards. This would allow you to
modify it however you want, but only if you use it solely for competition
and not for any recreational purpose. These criteria are summarized in
the following table.
Restrictions on Use and Maintenance

Which vehicles may a manufacturer label as
competition vehicles?
We adopted a general provision under which we will allow a manufacturer
to label new vehicles for competition whenever that manufacturer
can show us that the vehicles will be used only for competition. We also
include specific guidance to help manufacturers make this showing. We
worked with manufacturers throughout the rulemaking process to ensure
that we properly treat vehicles that are used for competition in our
Are motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles treated the
No. We created special provisions for motorcycles that will make it
easier for manufacturers to get permission to label their competition
motorcycles. Unlike ATVs and snowmobiles, a very large fraction of offhighway
motorcycles are used for amateur racing. It is important to note,
though, that we will not exempt any model and allow a manufacturer to
label it for competition if we do not believe it will be used only for
What kinds of vehicles may I use for competition?
You may generally use any of three kinds of vehicles for competition:
• A vehicle with an EPA label showing that the manufacturer has
produced it under our competition exemption
• A vehicle that was built before 2006
• An EPA-certified vehicle
It may be surprising to think that EPA-certified vehicles would be used
in competition, but all four-stroke motorcycles should meet emission
standards without any loss of performance. So, we expect most manufacturers
to market EPA-certified four-stroke motorcycles for racing. We
also included an optional standard for motorcycles to encourage manufacturers
to produce and certify clean two-stroke competition motorcycles.
May I modify a vehicle for competition?
You may modify your vehicle’s engine or emission controls in any way
if it is not subject to our standards. This applies to all vehicles built
before 2006 and all vehicles that have the EPA label for competition
from the manufacturer.
You may also modify EPA-certified vehicles if you will use them only
for competition. However, you may not modify your EPA-certified
vehicle in a way that increases emissions if you use the vehicle for both
recreation and competition.
May I use an uncertified vehicle just for fun?
You may use any older vehicles that were built in 2005 or earlier. For
2006 and later models, you may not use an uncertified vehicle for noncompetition
use. You are not allowed to use an excluded competition
vehicle for recreational purposes if it was built in 2006 or later.
What requirements apply to excluded vehicles?
There are two EPA requirements that apply to competition vehicles that
are excluded from the regulations. First, as described above, if we
exclude a vehicle, you may not use it for recreation. Second, if your
vehicle is excluded because you modify an EPA-certified vehicle, you
must destroy the original emissions label to show that it is no longer
“certified” and may only be used for competition. Once you modify your
vehicle, you may no longer use it for recreation. If you sell or give one
of these engines to someone else, you must tell the new owner in writing
that it may be used only for competition.
In addition to these EPA requirements, state and local governments may
have requirements or restrictions that apply to excluded vehicles. For
example, a state may require you to register your competition vehicle, or
may prohibit use of excluded vehicles on public land.
Where can I get more information?
You can access documents on recreational vehicles on the Office of
Transportation and Air Quality Web site at:


The last shipment of x18, x19 and x22s came in around last January. If they have some left from that shipment, it is possible, but I doubt it... lots of people come on here looking for em, but end up having to buy them second hand.

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The X19-CR Dominator is the Super Pocket Bike of choice for canyon carving and road racing. Designed for superior tossability and grip, the X19-CR ( Club Racing Edition ) is a track bike dressed up as a super bike for the road. The suspension has been completely recalibrated for maximum grip and stability for the deepest knee-to-the-ground cornering. Stiffer springs, damper settings and rebound rates ensure minimal squat and nose dive in heavy acceleration and braking. The lower ride height not only looks better, it also lowers the center of gravity and maximizes aerodynamics, giving these super pocket bikes top honors in the handling department.
The Honda®-Based 110cc 4-Stroke powerplant comes from the X18-R, but retuned for low-end bias response. The race-tuned dual exhaust pipes were fabricated to give maximum low and mid range power by carefully regulating backpressure and exhaust velocity. The shorter gear ratios and final drive of the X19-CR result in better response down low. Acceleration numbers where it counts most (from a dead stop or exiting a tight turn) beats out every other super pocket bike, every single time!
The Sequential Manual Gearbox has also been beefed up to handle the extra torque. Power shifting (shifting without using the hand clutch) is also possible with this heavy duty, race ready gearbox. We at MiniPocketRockets were even able to chirp its wide, semi-slick race compound tires on the 1-2 shift using this method. But for less intense situations, the hand clutch can be used. And for those that may not feel comfortable kicking your own gears, there is an Automatic Version of the X19-CR developed just for you!
Being EPA Certified & Legal, we had to make the Club Racing version of this X19 track-ready just like all of our other Super Pocket Bikes. So we've included our ZR alternator, horn, digital/analog gauges that includes a 70 mph speedometer, status lights and a backlit digital readout of what gear you are in at a glance.
And like the rest of our Super Pocket Bikes, the X19-CR Dominator comes fully assembled and ready to race right out of the box. All of its Race-Tuned parts comes pre-installed at the factory to ensure perfect fitment and is covered under our all-inclusive warranty. If taming curves and ripping through tight bends in a track-oriented super pocket bike is your thing, the X19-CR Dominator is the machine for you. And remember, power really is nothing... without control!




$ 679.00

Engine: 4 Stroke, 110cc, Air Cooled
Fuel : 87+ Unleaded Gas (no oil mixing required)
Starter: Electric Key Start w/ Backup Kick Start
Maximum Speed: up to 70+ mph ( speed adjustable via governor like X18-R )
Ignition: CDI, Ultra High Discharge Coil
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual w/ Clutch or Automatic
Maximum Power: 15.5 hp
Brakes: Hydraulic Cross-Drilled Disc Brakes
Exhaust: Factory Tuned Dual Exhaust & Silencers

Length: 58"
Width: 25"
Height: 33"
Ground Clearance: 5.5"
Dry Weight: 140 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 325 lbs.
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.25 Liters
Cruising Range: 50 miles per tank
Tires: Pneumatic Racing Semi-Slick Tires

Included Free with our Super Pocket Bikes: Ignition Keys (2), Tools (sockets, screwdrivers, allen wrenches), Tool Case, Spare Fuses, Owner's Manual / Certificate and our free extended warranty.

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Is minipocketrockets reliable? Also are there any x19 with manual trans. around?:confused:
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