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I think I got an X12 110cc Auto?

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SO I think what I have is a x12 110cc Auto, need a few parts to get it to run like throttle, Where can I get part for this, and From what I know 110cc are man. never seen anybody talk about a 110cc auto
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That looks about right I still have the green button. What about the fact that its Auto is it 110c sticker says 107cc
There all 107cc.
I see, I thought they came in 70 or 50/90 and 110
SO will most X7 parts fit x12?
Engine parts and basics will or should.. The Fairings, Frame and Brackets most likley won't...
Take you, you guys rock, Ill post vids once running, I got it for my 10 year old, I heard it may go 60 tho, so going to have to dial it back
the speeds can be a bit exagerated.... when i got my x18 i was told it could do 60.... it did about 32.... but, by the time i sold it (traded partial on a full size dual sport) i had it up to 67mph... buut that was after a LOT of engine work.... cam, carb, porting, polishing, exhaust, etc....
is there an online Manuel for this bike, also does it take a gas mix like the cags?
It's a 4 stroke Honda clone engine. You put oil in the cases like a car. Make sure you use a good motorcycle oil if it has wet clutches.
How do I know if the Clutches are wet... do I have to play with them first ??? lol
Not positive about the 110 auto, but my ATV 125cc 4 wheeler has an auto tran w/ reverse. I believe they are dry centrifical 3 shoe arms w/ springs and pads to grab the clutch bell. I have a 110cc 4 speed dirt bike and 110cc X18R Nitro Super Pocketbike. I went to BikeBandit online and got a Clymers, Honda Single Cylinder 1966-1999 repair manual. Covers all singles from 50-110cc, with photos and all, about $28.
How do I know if the Clutches are wet... do I have to play with them first ??? lol
Yes 100% wetclutches.........Theres dryclutches for Honda based horizontal engines too...I used to have a monkeybike with a racing dry-clutch setup but it was a full manual clutch............
where can i buy that dashboard in the picture. My speedometer is doesnt work. Also when you pull the throttle all the way down it bogs, is that normal. The carb got a new rebuilt kit.
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