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I want to buy a new X-19 or new X-22 fighter (Preferably X-22)

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I've been looking everywhere for a new x-22 fighter superbike but can't find them so I tried looking for a new x-19 dominator but can't find them either, can someone tell me where I can buy either of these brand new???? Help!!!!
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have you tried minipocketrocketsdotcom that is where I got my X19 from..hope you find one
Yes and they said that they are out of stock but the e-mail they sent me says they have them but they can't distribute them at this time, and their customer service by phone sucks, they hung up on me 5 times it was really aggravating
No one has them its been said that they are no longer in production as of 3/12 if that's true I don't know but I def know that they are no longer allowed to be imported into the usa anymore so good luck finding a new one and the x22 has not been produced in a few years
****, and there's no used ones around where I live either so getting one even used is impossible wth
Just keep looking on Craig's list and eBay or post a add looking for one on c list u less you find one cheap enough and can pay shipping
I am going to sell my X18 but I live in Northern California, it is to hard and cost to much to ship anything now.
The only thing with that is I don't want to send money only to be ripped off, so I'm very skeptical about doing something like that
PayPal make them the seller send you a invoice with a detailed description of the bike and the vin number and send that to you you then send them a message stating that if anything is wrong with the bike that they did not describe thoroughly then you will make.a dispute with them on PayPal for item not as described and also make them disclose that they will pay the return shipping for the bike and your safe its called PayPal buyer protection it sucks if you are a seller because with PayPal you basically have no rights
The only thing with that is I don't want to send money only to be ripped off, so I'm very skeptical about doing something like that

Sign up for paypal, get verified. Have the seller do the same. Ask them to send you a bill via paypal. Pay using a credit / bank debit card. Doing it in this manner you are double protected against fraud.

Do not send cashiers checks, personal checks, or transfer money to them using paypal or similar services.

If you get something on eBay, them & Visa & PayPal will all back you up.
I searched eBay and came up empty handed they did have anything except parts and as for Craigslist nobody is willing to ship
Yesterday, think it was Safer-Wholesale, was asking $1,700 for an X18 looking 110cc bike. They had what look like real Blatas air cooled, they say it has 16hp for $1,800, and a 39cc 16hp water cooled Blata, $3,000.
They looked real too me. They had them exspensive racing tires w/ gold lettering. All the pocket bike prices where really high.
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