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Engines available in 40cc and 50cc watercooled models.

Oz Minimoto have run the Parilla engine at the last round of the Australian Minimoto Titles and our senior rider set a new track record.
Here are some video footage of the raceing.
The Parilla engine has a massive mid to high range power, as you will see in the footage.
Race 4 shows the best result in the power.

race 1

race 2

race 3

race 4

Some interesting reading from the UK minimoto forum about the new Parilla motor.

The bike was set up with T41 tyres and 7x63 gearing. I weigh about 12,8 stones fully suited up so I was a bit impressed to discover that engine had no problems pulling me out of the tight corners.
The buttom end was very good with lots of grunt and it also had very good midrange power. Down the straight this engine was screaming!
I reckon our GPT rev counter wasn't working properly, because it clocked a max. RPM of 18.500-19.900 RPM... But still the engine sounded like it was reving higher than the rest of the bikes on the track running BZM, OR, Blata engines.

The friendly guys from V-man Racing said it was a bit tricky to get the carb set up right, but it all worked very well when I got to ride the bike.. The V-Man Racing guys took the bike home that evening to do some dyno runs, and later that night they came back with the results.
They had first dynoed a heavily modified OR 50cc Super engine with 21mm PHBG carb and that put out 15,1 HP / 10,7 NM on the rear wheel which is pretty good for a super.
Then the had dynoed the "out of the box" IAME Parilla M-50 engine kit with 21mm PHBG carb and that put out 16,6 HP / 10,6 NM on the rear wheel and it had a much wider power band.
A week after they dynoed different "out of the box" IAME Parilla M-50 engine fitted with a new piston and a 19mm PHBN carb and that put out 16,5 HP / 10,7 NM on the rear wheel. Pretty good for a stock engine.
The downside to it is that you have change piston (and maybe other parts) more often than on a BZM/OR engine. The Teflon coating on the piston start to wear off after only 10-15 hours of running so that extra HP's comes at a cost..


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Hey Darren, Thanks for posting.

I love to see so many engine / clutch choices out there, and the fact that they are really winning is wonderful!

Thanks for always keeping us up to date on all the hot new products out there!


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Hello from Spain... We have powered the IAME and it is taken 18,2 hp to the weel, and running at 17.200 rpms running in circuit (16.400 out of the box).
Our old BZM full powered were taken 17,5 hp so, Iame engine it's a very very good base to woork.

How much it is a IAME 50c engine in USA/Australia?
Here are arround 1500€.
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