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okay, so i have been saving up and i have looked at several websites online for pocket bikes and i have a few questions.

1. what is the best website to go to to get a pocketbike? (in your opinion)

2. what would be a good pocketbike for a beginner?

3. i'm almost 6', is that going toaffect anything?

4. i'm in a price range of up to 250$ (+/- 25-30$)

5. gas/ 2stroke?

6. i want a really reliable bike, i'm only 14 with no job, all my money is from allowance. ($35)


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in that price range i would get a cag. i dont have one but someone here has to know where to get them.

i believe they are $179 or around that.. but you got to pay for shipping...

if you have leftover money, you can spend it on upgrades!

personally, im a fan of 4 strokes, because theyre torquey and got lots of grunt... than a whiney 2 stroke, but youre looking at more than 250 for a 110/125cc with gears...

good luck

EDIT: DOH. check your craigslist. maybe you can find something used for a steal, and dont have to pay shipping!

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Dude, that 1st link, is that CAM2's garage, why you sell'in your stuff CAM2? J/K

but that is allot of "stuff" for $600 :eek:

The 2nd link looks better, Tell him A dude at pocket bike planet said "Don't pay more than $175 for it" hopefully he'll know about our silly forum and give you $25 off! :D


Make him start it for you and ride it too for at least 25 ft or something like that, otherwise it's worth less...
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