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is this a 3 port or a 5 port? polini

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hello can some one tell me if this is a 3 or 5 port as i need a new carb and wonted to know thanks


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Get us a better shot of the cylinder...it looks like you may have a 4 port...

This is a 5 port cag engine cylinder....2 stock transfers and 3 extra boost channels
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well the two on the side are hole and then the therd one is split in to two why i dont know? but as far as i know polini only do 3 5 and 6 port so i think its a three port evan know its a rep its still based on the three port i think? what would happen if i wos to cut that seperating part out of the therd and have it like the two on the saide? and i like that five port cag looks well good
... genuine Polini cyl. - for GP3 - only 3- and 5-port ( 39.8 cc )

...look at the number ( cyl. code ) , at the side of the barrel

edit: but on the pictures are all " rep. parts "
The cylinder there looks like a copy one, cause the exhaust port is bigger in Dia. and the bolts are father apart like my rep. eng, and the real Polini exhaust I have don't fit. The head cap looks different than mine.
sorry i forgot to tell you guys its a rep bike i thort you guys would have guessd from my old posts of my rep bike
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