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Is This Difficult?

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So I wanted to make my x18 faster. I asked drgnprelude and he said to get a 15 tooth front sprocket and 28 tooth rear sprocket. I searched everything I will get which includes sprockets, chains, and chain breaker. I know how to remove links to the right size (thanks again drgnprelude!) and all that jazz. But he said that I would have to move the rear wheel "into the middle of the slots ". I know what this means but other then his tip, how would you do this? Also, I removed the cover for the front sprocket and saw that it is bolted into the transmission and such. Is this hard to remove and replace or would I just take off the chain, remove the bolts, and replace the sprocket? It looks simple but I don't want to do it wrong and pay for it later. Thanks guys!!
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this is the adjustment slot for the rear wheel put the wheel in the middle and lay the chain around it then mark and cut where u want
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this is the bolt i use the one in front of the foot peg mount or rearsets as they are called
the big bolt on one side and a nut on the other i go from the center of that to the center of the rear wheel axle to measure to make sure the rear wheel is straight or true and even

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and dont nobody bash me about my rear adjusters i know there not the right size but i wanted to ride today and its all i had lol i will be getting the right set in the mail soon
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Okay thanks! I thought that you meant I had to almost take off the wheel :p. And will it be hard to replace the sprockets and chain? Thanks again!
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