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I just picked up these 2 pocket bikes. Can anyone tell me what kind they might be? Also on the blue bike the choke says the down position is open and up is closed. I tried starting with the choke open (down postion) like I would a regular bike and I closed it once it was warm (after a few minutes) and it immediately died. Did this a few times before I gave up and was about to start messing with the carb. I than found these instructions on minipocketrockets.com. I followed them and it now stays running with the choke in the open position (down). I just want to make sure this is correct cause I always thought that it was bad to ride with the choke open. Am I missing something?

Below is the proper procedure to start your pocket bike via the Pull Start:
1. Stand the bike upright; you should be straddling the bike. The pull start cord is on your right side.
2. Make sure the fuel petcock valve is in the vertical position ( the white valve lever should be straight up and down ).
3. Put the choke lever in the closed position ( the metal lever in the UP position ).

4. Pull the start cord out slowly until it reaches its maximum length and then let it retract. Repeat this procedure 2 times.
5. On the 3rd attempt, pull the cord out swiftly with one strong pull.
( pull the cord straight back; do not pull at an angle, as pulling it at an angle may damage the cord ).
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the bike starts.
7. After the bike starts, let it warm up for 1 minute. Then put the choke lever to the open position ( metal lever down ).

The bike is now ready to ride.


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The Blue one is a MTA 2 Full fairing CAG and the Green one is a Cat Eye... If the Blue Bike is only running with the Choke Closed than you either have an Air Leak between your carb and engine or the Carb is not getting enough gas..

I'd do the Petcock Mod first.. Take out the internals of the petcock, JbWeld in the hole, and drill all the way through, replace the bored out petcock.. Then add a good on/off knob with better flow to the gas line..

To check for an air leak.. Get it started and slowly spray carb cleaner around the intake manifold gaskets and cylinder gaskets. If the idle changes or it dies you have a Air leak / Bad gasket that needs tending too..

And if you're lucky its the Needle Position in the carb... Follow the Throttle cable to the carb and unscrew the cap it goes in.. Pull the spring up and the throttle cable out of the slide.. Inside that slide is a little washer and under it that needle can now slip out.... Take the clip thats on the needle and put it in the bottom or 2nd slot from the bottom.. This raises the needle so the carb and engine get more gas... I had this same problem yesterday.. Only Ran with the carb closed and would bog die if i pulled the throttle. The Clip on the needle was 2nd from the top, I moved it to the bottom slot and it now runs great...

Good luck!

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Tis the season for air to get cooler and drier...when that happens it gets denser and thirstier therefore more fuel will be needed.....

Try bumping the c-clip to the lowest notch...If that improves the problem you have either 2 choices,,ride with the choke slightly closed to compensate or rejet the carb mainjet 1 size higher
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