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Just bought this pocketbike/small motorcycle

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Hello i just bought this VIVA HS125gs 125CC 4 stroke bike. I have pictures of it but i think the engine has been replaced can anyone tell me what cc it is or how i can find out and if anyone has the side plastics for it and the shifter cause the one on it is all beat up thanks.


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Looks like a 110cc but maybe it is a 125 looks a little bigger altho the pics are real small so it's hard for me to tell
Big bike Tho did you get any paperwork with it like title cco MCO?
no paperwork :( but is this picture any better?


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Looks like a 110cc to me hopefully blitz we see this post and confirm that for me the head looks 110 the sides look a little different than the 4 110s I own tho
Looks like a loncin 110cc. There be markings on the lower cylinder part of the motor.
Ya true I should have noticed that triangle shape on the case one guy tried to sell me one of those as a 125 a few months ago
here is a pic of a lifan 110cc
the one out of the bike in the one inside the bike i cant remember id have to go look at it again

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look on the black cylinder with the fins, its prolly stamped 107cm, which is a 110
however my x6s all said 49 but some were 70cc, you couldnt tell till you rode it
well can you at least tell me which gas to put in? kinda new to these
and is it good to stay with a semi auto or get a clutch?
Just 91 octane or above and I think most of us like the 4spd as apposed to auto or semi auto
If it was minds, i'd chuck that motor and drop an estart 150cc in there. Then again i'd be lookin at trying to make it track worthy.lol
estart 150cc? how much do those go for?
what kind of oil do i put in the guy i bought it from said 20w-50? is that right or bad
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