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Just got an X6 but...

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So I just got a used 4 stroke X6 super pocket bike like this one...

Awesome bike! I love it! I'm pretty sure it's an x6 anyway. The one in the pic says it's an s4 and mine has s4 stickers on, but when I look up "s4" pocket bikes nothing really come up except the ones from midwestpocketbikes. They sure look a lot like the x6's, so maybe s4 and x6 is the same thing...?

Anyway, the guy I got it from lost the key, so I was wondering if these bikes all have the same key, or if each key is unique like keys for a car, for example.

Right now I'm just bypassing the system with a little wiring magic, and I was going to just put an on/off switch on instead of using a key. If anyone happens to have an extra key though, I would be interested in it for sure. So let me know.

Also, I've been trying to find a wiring schematic for this specific bike, but can't find one. I've search here on the forum and found lots of diagrams, but non for this bike specifically. Any help in that area would be greatly appreciated. I'm having a little trouble getting the spark plug to spark, so I'm trying to figure out what's up since the spark plug isn't bad. Figure it's an electrical problem.

Well, thanks for any help (or pointing in the right direction) you guys can give me!
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I think the switch is the best bet, the keys are junk and unpredictable (usually) you could add any keyed switch you want, It's pretty low voltage, so you don't need anything too heavy duty!

Nice bike! I'm jealous!!!! :):thumbsup:
Thanks Nick :)
I'll just go with the switch then. That way I won't have to worry about having/losing a key either.
Yea it's a nice step up from my 47cc cag!
Wish I could find bikes like this in Quebec :(
Closest I see is larger scale pocket bikes for 500$+
sweet, i had a few of those
watch the area at the rear shock and swingarm
it likes to break welds and crack there, if it does you will need to have it fixed


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Blitz, you writing a big number 1 for somebody? do one more and you got some 11's like a car would make, that way nobody is looking for a bike ;)
Nice looking Bike, have Fun.
thanks, just seeing if it would do a burn out, only if you hold it up
epr, they all died, i gave the last one my nephew, frame design/damage
Thanks for the comments guys :)
And thanks for the heads up about the area at the rear shock and swing arm BlitzMInc, I'll keep an eye on that for sure.

I went over a few things on the bike the other day. Bled the rear brake, which wasn't working, and got it working again. Also check the fork and some other small things.

I could still use the wiring schematics for this particular bike if anyone has them, or knows where I can get them. I've found several schematics here on the forum, but non that have really helped any.
i used the x6 calipers for my race bike, they work great
im sure the wires are different, my x6 had a remote start and alarm
Wow a remote start and alarm! Sounds cool!

I might just have to try tracing it and finding the solution that way. Would be easier with a diagram, but oh well, where's the fun in that right! haha :)

The problem is that the spark plug is not sparking.
Cam2 will know how to wire it.
Ok thanks EPR!

I have another question about the bike. How do I find out how many cc's it has? I would rather not take the engine apart to find out, so if there's another way, that would be great.
I think if we could see a picture of the engine (where the cylinder is) might need to take the body off, someone cold tell you what size it is, unless the 50 / 75cc cylinder is the same outside dimensions as the 110 / 125cc ?
i had a 49 and a 70 but they were both marked 49cm3 on the black cylinder
the chinese would just rebore the 49 cylinders to whatever size needed
The height of just the cylinder changes as the engines get bigger. I think my 110cc is 73mm. How tall is just the cyld, no gaskets??
maybe to 110 its stroked, but 49-70 is only bored so no height change
sweet, i had a few of those watch the area at the rear shock and swingarm it likes to break welds and crack there, if it does you will need to have it fixed
Do you still have this I would love to buy it
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