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Just Picked Up a Cag and X7!

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Hello all,
I recently just picked up 2 pocketbikes off craigslist, for $150. The owner knew nothing about them, but I did some research and found out that one is a Cag, and the other is an X7. The Cag didn't run at all when I got it but I have it running now. The X7 on the other hand was running when I got it, but after I brought it home I can't get it started. I replaced the spark plug, cleaned out the gas tank, added new gas and oil, and pulled off the carb and cleaned it out. The plug isn't getting wet and it appears there is no gas in the fuel line. I know that the fuel line goes out of the top of the tank, so it isn't gravity fed. I saw that a few people said to prime the carb with the priming bulb, but my carb does not have one. The carb has walbro stamped on it, and as far as I can tell the stock carb isn't a walbro. I am not sure what model carb it is, but it does not have a priming bulb on it at all. Can anyone give me some tips on what to do to get gas to the carb? I was thinking just putting a funnel in the gas line and pouring some gas into it and then inserting the line in the tank.

Anyway, as far as an actual introduction, I'm from the Milwaukee, WI area. I road race a honda CB160 with AHRMA, and I ride a 1994 FZR 600.
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Take a picture of your carb and post it through photobucket.......
Good news! I primed the carb by putting a funnel in the gas line and priming it that way. I ran it for a second, then put the line back in the tank. It runs great now! I did take some pictures of the carb anyway:

If you happen to know what model carb this is, thatd be great for future reference.
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Looks like a Walbro HDA48 carb..........
Would that be considered a good carb for this bike?
X7 with a 49cc? Do we have to beg for pictures of the bikes... ;) I'm sure that walbro is alot better than the carb it came with... lol! looks like you need an air filter.. ;)
Nah Ill take some pics right now! Luckily, one of the spare cb160 air filters found a new home :p
Heres how they looked when I got them. Sorry I dont havr pics of the cag, its tore apart at the moment

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And the cag has training wheels welded on... the grinder will be used soon
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