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Just picked up a real A/C Blata Elite13 for a good price

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Picked up my first Blata the other nite. Went to go take a look at it. Frame looks in great condition, fairings are alittle beat and missing the windshield section, motor sounded alittle weak(low compression) but revs high, oil all over the lower parts of the bike, Guy says it needs a new clutch. So while it was running i was watching the clutch pads opening a closing as he would rev the engine. figured thats plausable that the pads are worn and not engaging onto the drum. So we agreed on a price i figured was reasonable considering the feeling I had that it had low compression and needs a new clutch and might as well replace the drum also. so now im looking for parts. anyone have the parts for an air cooled blata elite13:

1. Clutch
2. Drum
3. Complete gasket set
4. Piston and ring

Paypal ready. Let me kno also if theres any place or good sites i can get these parts for a decent price. Thanks again everyone. Pics posted soon
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blata parts are rarely cheap, but tsunami has pretty much everything you'll need, they also have used parts at reduced prices.... you can possibly look at the 50cc bzm head kit, I had that setup before... kills alot of L/C china bikes.

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