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lifan 124cm

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Hey everyone, I thought i have a 110cc lifan engine but it says 124cm on it can anybody tell me what that could mean?
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It means its a 125cc engine.
ok than i can go bigger than 22mm or 23mm for the carb then
I have a 25mm, $30 Japan made carb on my 125cc ATV auto w/ reverse. It came w/ a 20mm and small intake, I put the 25 on a 26mm manf. and gold swivel plate. I have a 26mm Japan made Mikuni here I put on my 107cc X18, to much air, took it off after 2 hrs. Got a 22mm on it. The blue finned CDI and orange hp coils work good also.


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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