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LiPo Q & A

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I'm Looking into LiPo packs now that they are comming down in price.
I found Some on HobbyKing.com but I'm not sure if I will need a BMS or not.
Are these the right C rating?


I was thinking 2 of these for my stock razor MX 650.

Any input or suggestions are most welcome,

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I don't run a BMS with my Lipos because it isn't really nessesary.Your mx650 with those lipos will proform great but make sure the batteries don't get to low in voltage or they are dangerous to charge.If you want you can pick up some low voltage buzzers.
Can you mix battery types with Lipos?
Say one 8s 8000mah and one 4s 4000mah ?
Same C rating I would assume.
Never you don't have to worry about the c rating as much as the mah.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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