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Little stroll through the neighborhood...

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Went for a little ride, decided Ied mount up my go pro on the front of the quad... Enjoy!

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You really should heed those stop signs.....LOL
lol yeah maybe I should. Dont worry I dont drive my cars that way... and there isint much traffic around my place.
Hey mat, u missed 3 stop signs there LMAO and ur neighborhood looks nice,ur bike sounds nice too
Yeah my neighborhood is pretty nice. Good people mostly... Lots of trees.
I could, I've got a few of these cameras, and all the mounting equipment. that video was using a tube frame mount, I have the head strap for helmets, also adhesive pads, suction cups, adjustable mount extensions, wide lenses, fish lenses, replacement protective cases.... etc...
U should do the helmet cam with the wide frame , that always looks the best
Fun Stuff, doing it all Ghost Rider Stylio lol

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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