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Looking for somewhere to practice or race in md. I live in Bowie md

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I have a x18 super bike and I want somewhere to practice with people and race I live in Bowie md. Any ideas
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hey whats going on i'm new to the x18 world also in live in baltimore md. What would you like to do to the bike .
I want someone to ride with or race.. how far away ar you from bowie
Hey I'm about 25 30 minute away from Bowie I'm in the landown glen burnnie area I can come out there if u would like to ride togather
you guys should checkout sandy hook speedway in street MD. i take my son there to race his pbike. checkout the website for dates and rules and costs etc.
Ya sure but there's really no where to ride ir.. I ride it in my neigboorhood buts its small kind of
I do the same in my neighborhood I'll come out there to ride with u if u want I'm going to va to pick a new bike up in the morning x18 2006
sure theres also a gas station that is in my neighboorhood so no problem with that. hit me up 410 980 711one
That's cool I won't b riding for about a week cause the bike in the shop get a fu thing done to it be I'll hit u up [email protected] email me I'll give u my number
I have an x 12 and other minis I also am looking to practice with other midbikes and pocketbikes I have raced at sandyhook for years and I could help you all set your bikes up for the track. I am from D.C.
That's cool let me know how to sent it up
I am going to be out of town this weekend but I will see if we could meet up after I get back in town.
we def need more pocketbikes at sandy hook, my son was the only one out there two track days ago, then last track day he and another guy were there on pbikes. i bought my son an xr70 to race but we will also bring his pbike in case more people start showing up on them
I have a x18. . Can I race at the track. I only have a helmet I don't have like a racing jacket or what ever
I can come out to the track also guys just let me know and a only have a helmet as well
I have a x18. . Can I race at the track. I only have a helmet I don't have like a racing jacket or what ever
go to the Sandy Hook web page..Im sure somewhere on the site it states proper track attire...I dont beleive a helmet alone is gonna cut it...Helmet,gloves.elbow protectors and knee pads are very much needed at most tracks aswell as your bike pass a tech inspection for anything on the bike that will scar and tear up the track.....meaning axle and footpeg sliders are needed too
yea its helmet, gloves, knee and elbow, and boots that come above the ankle. never hurts to have some kind of back or chest protector either. motocross stuff is fine. as for bike, they are pretty lenient at sandy hook, you just cant have anything leaking or parts hanging off ur bike. my son ran without any sliders or anything, just a stock pocketbike.
If you guys seriously want to race I could let one of you borrow my old leathers and I have a racing jacket I could let one of you borrow. We should probably hook up this weekend to see if we could set something up
It is supposed to be 75 degrees on sunday we could hook up and find somewhere to ride and practice. I want to try and get ready for the races at Sandyhook and Njminigp the following weekend let me know and I will give you my
phone number
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