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Low on power

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Ok finally I get the idea about some parts are interchangeable so I got this(I think) Frankenbike running.rode it around a bit seems slow to get moving etc.my friend reciently got a sit on scooter that seems to have ample power.btw engines seem to appear the same. I'm hoping his has more HP but incase where and what should I check to make sure this stitched together bike I got is running 100%? Carb ? Already replaced clutch.gearbox? Gas fuel mix ?i measured the piston to be about 1.5 inch(38.1mm) if not a little over well enough typing any ideas and I'll will look more here on the forums thanks pocket bike gang !
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The 2 bores should be 40mm for 43cc eng and 44mm for 49cc eng. Sounds like you might have a 43cc and your friends scooter could be 49cc.
Which leads me to the next question.can I change the cylinder and piston for 49cc ?
Is this a Cag MTA1 reed port engine or a Mitsu/Zen style piston port engine?? Both engines use the same 40mm or 44mm piston. On the new 49cc Cag engines the piston pin is 12mm, and the 43cc 10mm. On the Zen I think they are both 10mm. So, if you go to 49cc on a Cag you need a 10mm piston pin size piston. I still have some kits here w/ the 10mm pin for a Cag and a few 49cc cylinders and pistons for the Zen. I have a few barely used cylinders with pistons in them.
You could check out a thread Im doing....Its got plenty of cags and such with plenty of mod ideas to build power.....EPR,,Mexicano,,Boosted306,- aswell as a handful of others have informative threads here at PBP to view...

Welcome to the site and Good Luck....Post up pics of what ya got through a free photobucket account..........


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Dunno to much of kind of bike,do know I looked at alot of pics of bikes and seen none with the gas tank spout out the side rather than the top.the piston had a 10mm pin.bit being a big guy I do need as much power from this little thing,it's my summer project so I'm in no hurry.its confusing buying parts at first you know what size how's it fit what style etc,hope I answered all the questions as you guys are the best helpful info I found hands down.when I took apart the engine I started to do it before researching ,got frustrated then searched here BAM frustration gone.keep it rolling here great info
I checked out that linked post and WOW man I wanna get lucky at those finds my neighbor bought his scooter 25$ at a yard sale,but then again extra money would make my project faster.but back to your projectS lol nice work dude keep em going
Need to start a folder on each bike and a binder to keep info in. Write all the good stuff down, that way you have it later. I have 8 bikes, Cam2 has more than 100, and then there is the 50 RC cars & boats & trucks,lol. Plus he knows how to mod this stuff.
You need a Wish List for parts and things you need, alot of places give free shipping on $100+ orders.
I can tell your addicted already,lol.
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