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lucky7 frame?

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I currently have a cagllari daytona fra framme and I don't like it at all, I've been looking at lucky7 frames and I think I want to get one. My one problem is I don't know where to get one. Can anybody help me out? And which would I be better off with? A lucky7 with aftermarket swing arm? Or get a grand prix mx3 frame?

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Depending on the model frame cag you have Id say the fun would be to create one yourself................They still sell a Lucky7's out of Canada and might be a better and cheaper alternative...Fix up the cag you have,,sell it and buy a brand new Lucky 7

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I have the half fairing model sooo f1? Yea I would totally build one man but I have no welding experience so that's through the cracks haha. One thing about buying a new bike... I just got a new pbu magneto, ada head kit, warlboro carb, and pbu exhaust. So I just did a whole engine rebuild and id hate to sell that right away...
Tsunamibike.com in Canada, if they still have them, about $400 to your door, my bike an A1 Cag, new it was $169 and $48 S/H.
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