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so you think your bike is fast? then come out and join us for a fun day of riding and racing.
we will be having the mid west shoot out on June 11th sat night at Fremont Ohio from 10am-10pm
prac. will be from 10am-5pm racing will start at 5 sharp. we will be having a

50/50 race (you run one way 5 laps and stop reline up one by one restart and finish the other way the last 5 laps)

RIVAL races (call out a rider for a one on one 2 lap race think your pocket bike is faster than a motard call them out)

shoot out (rules any bike will race pocket bike, mid bike,motard, bike must be 50cc and under for 2 stroke, 120cc and under for 4 stroke that's it we will be having an adult and kids shoot out, 15 and under in kids class. if the motor fits these classes bring it!)

plus all the classes for racing ( motard, P.B.,mid bike)

for more info email me at [email protected]
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