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no midbikes

There is no midbike racing at Stockton for several reasons, the first is that although several people had claimed that there were a number of midbike owners that wanted to race, none have ever shown up to an actual race. There were claims that they would, but no more than 2 have ever shown up at one time. The offer had been on the table that if at least 12 bikes showed up, they would get a class.

Also this late in the season, there would be no point in adding a class.

As for the possible winter season, and the next spring/summer season which will be pocket bike only (we will be starting a PB only club, currently we run on the same day as the Derbis, Aprilias, YSR's, ect). We will not be offering a midbike class, since there has been almost no interest, as judged by the almost zero turnout of midbikes. Not to mention, they are not pocketbikes.

I suppose if at least 6 bikes showed up on a regular and consistant basis, we would offer one. So its up to you guys to get the numbers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts