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mikels rebuild of the gp3 rep with all polini parts

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hay folks so you have bean comenting on my recent posts about help with my engine so here goes iv done it all al polini berarings all seals set bzm raceing crank didnt wont it but busted my old crank but thay fixed that as well and new water pump meaning impeller as its internal pump system all new scrues and woshers new paint job on engine and also engine parts / cuvers and also body work painted as well as polini stickers as got them sent to me from polini so have had a fue people say its not a rep no more bla bla bla and that what wos the point in it all well ill tell yeh its my bike i wonted to as a project as i am a newbee and have to say the engine wosnt as comples as i thort to start with and allso i used all polini pats because i dont wont to have to rebuild it anytime soon and allso hopefully this means more speed with the raceing crank and also the new look have to say my self i love and well as soon as i get the woodruff keys throu the post ill be puteing it all on and working i hope haha so guys tell me what you think and this is the first mini moto bike / 2t i have ever worked on and am pleased just hope its all pute back to the best of my abilerty any help would be good thanks guys and thank you all / cam /epr/ mathieuouellt/ agen a good thanks to you for your help and also i will be geting a polini gp6 and a grc rr soon so im well happy to start the british camps this year


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youre doing alot better than the average noob and doing a great job so far....i hope all the hard work pays ya back double in happiness out of it..
Doing good, keep on truckin, you'll get there.
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