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Have new electric start motor in, new reduction drive, new solenoid and battery. Have lights, no indicators. Cannot work out circuit for indicators, not really needed though. Running now. Some probs with electric start, seems to need a fully charged battery to work. Need to hit button a couple of times for it to work. Pull start is fine. Wondering what fuel oil ratio is best. Ran for a couple of hours on 20:1 at first. Heaps of oil from exhaust on this mix. Is 50:1 synthetic too much on new motor? Should I try maybe 30:1?
Also noticed the choke lever markings are wrong, On is Off and vice versa.
Last question, it will not move with me on it. I'm 80kgs, whatever that is in pounds. Seems to need more revs, becomes sluggish on full throttle. maybe the 20:1 oil mix is stopping max revs.
Any help appreciated.
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