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mini dirt bike doesnt glide down hill

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hey guys
new to the forum but, just baught a cheap mini dirt bike for my son to have some fun a couple monthes ago.
i have noticed that it now doesnt glide going down hill as well as it used to, and with the engine off when i am pushing it arround if i dont apply any weight in the rear wheel, it just gets draged arround and doesnt turn and when i apply sime weight on it it starts to turn but i can hear the piston mooving every now and then to.
so took the clutch out to see if it had broke and it seems fine and with the chain off the rear wheel spins fine too.
has annyone experienced this before?
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If the clutch looks good and not rubbing the bell, check maybe the chain tension is too tight.
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chain isnt to tight either. when i checked the clutch i was expekting maybe to see a broken spring in the clutch but as there wasnt any i didnt have a proper look but i am quite shure it must be the clutch, but dont understand why becaus its new and only used up like 5 litres of fuel with it and my son is only 4 so it hasnt been having a hard time either.
I assume one of the clutch springs is bad or loose fitting. Try turning the sprocket to confirm if its binding.
Yeah probably one of the Springs is losing its tension even though it looks good. I would replace the Springs and test from there
Once he learns to stay on the throttle you will stop going through clutch springs. I recommend finding an eBay seller that sells the clutch springs in bulk.
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