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Mini Dirt Bike Twist Throttle Restrictor

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Can anyone advise how to de-restrict a twist throttle restrictor?

Thanks in advance.
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Theres one good way to tell if your throttle is restricted,,,,Remove the airfilter and twist the throttle wide open and look to see if the barrel goes all the way up....If it does you need tuning and mods........If it doesnt take all the slack out of the cable using the adjusters on the carb top and the throttle housing.....
The bike has a throttle restrictor on the twist throttle, how do I remove this or check if the restrictor is on?

The restrictor can be seen on the link below.


There is ussually a stop inside & the throttle cam hits and stops the cable, break it out, cut it out , what ever it takes. Sometimes it's in the top of the carb. above the piston.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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