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mini ninja oil

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Hi I'm a new member. I bought a mini ninja for my son about 5 years ago. The body been beat up so I decided to put the parts on a custom made chopper pedal bike. I just noticed a spot for what looks like oil ontop of the drive train/ gears. I never got a manuel for this bike and not sure what kind of oil I should put in. Can anyone help? What kind of oil?
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100cc's of premium lightweight oil.....I use #350wt synthetic oil and a lil 5w/20 Amsoil synthetic motor oil mixed together...My bearings glide way better than they ever could on my bikes with 3:1/5:1 and 7:1 reduction gear boxes...
Thanks cam ill give it a shot.
I mixed the oil like you suggested but over filld the gear box. Can you tell me about how much it should hold? I've lookd for a oil eye but didn't have any luck finding one. Its a 49cc 2 stroke. Id post a pic but not sure if its ok. Its not exactly a pocket ninja at this point just parts from one. I pretty much made a chopper moped to be street legal from the parts. Let me no if its ok and ill post a pic.
Drain it all out.............it only should be filled 100cc's ....100cc"s isnt very much oil...its just enough oil to lube the gears and the shaft bearings without creating drag...On the other side its just enough to lube the bearings and the chain

Its definately OK to post pics....................
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