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Not sure if i need a mechanic or an electrician.
i got a Minimoto Maxii 400
( the cute little yellow bike)
the charger reads full,
if i turn the throttle with back tire lifted off the ground she runs like a top
as soon as i sit on it it runs for like 4 seconds then shuts off.
I am 5'6 135lbs so i do not think i am to big for this bike,
i am thinking maybe the battery is not taking a full charge but
reading full charge.
do you think a new battery is in order or should i look for something else.
( hoping it is something else then a 100.00 battery)
i am a newbie and don't know crap about this little bike,
but i can take directions well.:thumbsup:
and seeing i'm never going to get my x-18 this is my only toy to play with right now.:eek:
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