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Minimoto USA Races

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This weekend, June 30 and July 1st, Minimoto USA will be at the Willow Springs Kart track in Rosamond, CA.

Get off the couch and come compete!



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Boots!! You going? Anyone else?? I'm once again trying to make it... Think I can make it but not sure if I can do both days yet. My Friends bikes are still in pieces and the others are too far away.. :(

But unless I'm forced to work I will be there... Not sure if my bike is ready but I guess I'm going to push it.. ;)
Well I finally made it to the races.. Super fun!! I did have more trouble with my bike and spent a good amount of time trying to get the carb running right. Many jets were tried, air leaks were sealed with Hylomor and a new metal slide. I lost compression after running to lean again and ha to disassemble, sanded the cross hatching and float the ring better. I couldn’t afford a new cylinder. It got to 110-115 Psi and at least got moving…
I did get on the track for two classes where I proceeded to get my but handed to me... Those kids (and adults) are quick! Last Place of course.. One time at the track and I realize how bad I need to finish my upgrade... I can’t be behind that far... :rolleyes: lol I got whooped by a 4 year old :eek:..
But Whatever!! I had a great time and want to thank Mini Moto USA(Jason and Stoney) for everything and keeping the dream alive... I suggest everyone make it at least once to see how much you'll dig it. Great vibe, great people and super fun times…
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Oh ya, pees came from all over.. Vegas, Arizona, Nor Cal and Reno. Get out there people!! They don't care what type of bike you have and are happy to help get it on the track...

As long as you were having fun! Thats what counts......I believe you will eventually fight your way to th front of the pack.
What bike were you running?
I meant "Peeps came from all over" ;) I was running the the GRC, 39cc Polini air cooled.. Lost my pressure and could only get it back to 110 but it was running. It didnt like the up hills. If it was all downhill I might have beat the 4 year old.. lol Good times for sure!!

They are back in Apple Valley at Grange Motor Circuit next weekend. Anyone and everyone should show! It was serious fun!

Here is a link to my other thread.. MiniMotoUSA So Cal Race 7

Here is a link to the calendar http://minimotousa.com/ai1ec_event/socal-race-8-apple-valley-ca-2?instance_id=101

Hope to see you there!!
Bumping it again... Really. You should go....

Here is a Video of a MiniGP race.. Maybe someday but I like my small bikes.. ;)

dude i felt just like that after my first time, i knew i was gonna be slow but it wasnt as bad as i thought, i never came in dead last in a race, sometimes cuz folks crashed out, and i only crashed once, so i figured i had enough potential to really give it a shot, and altho it took a long time i finally got to where i was feeling good about my progress
i remember thinking 'dude your on a track....its allowed!!!" goooo
Hah! Ya I was dead last... Both races! I'll beat the 4 year old next time.. :p
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