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Minimum mods
Bump up compression
rocket key
hp wire mod
wt603t pumper carb
Reedplate mod
hp sparkplug
custom hp exhaust
plus a little porting of the transfer ports (widen the base)
and exhaust port 1/8" on each side and 1/8" top middle with arc down to the sides.
Any bigger and higher octane fuel as well as a lot of tuning is needed.
It's alot easier to do than you think!

Compression bump – free
603 carburetor- $30 (fuel lines & intake)
HP wire – roughly $5
Hp spark plug – roughly $5
Rocket Key - $10
Transfer port an exhaust Port porting - free
Exhaust modification – maybe $30
Unless you can weld than maybe $10
Now roughly $45 new engine.

That would be for a brand new engine, a used engine would need crank bearings and crank seals plus gaskets probably another $30
Unless you just want to go for it and test the used engine.

I have done this a few times and the results equal a smile on my face for days.
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