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One thing to know is the x19 dominator has been out of stock for years and they just keep pushing forward the date when they're supposed to be back in stock.

Keep in mind if you're going to order a pocket bike these companies are not dealers they are just distributors so don't expect any dealer perks.

If you mail order for a pocket bike and it comes broken expect to fix any shipping damage yourself or take it up with the shipping company no one selling pocket bikes online will take responsibility for any shipping damage.

No matter what the websites say do not expect any kind of warranty...

If you have any engine problems or anything like that expect to fix them yourself there's no shops that will touch Chinese pocket bikes.

I'm not saying this is 100% true but this is what I come to expect whenever I buy a pocket bike they always come with something broken and there's always an engine problem or a carburetor problem that I have to replace some parts to get them to run properly if I had the option and there was a dealership that sold pocket bikes available in my area I would definitely go that route and pay a few hundred dollars more to have that service.

If you want high reliability a good experience and a somewhat honest warranty definitely go with a big 4 bike ( Suzuki Kawasaki Honda Yamaha) a lot of them are making street legal midi bikes now 😀

We're going to be opening threads for the big four bikes on Pocketbikeplanet really soon so keep an eye out for that 😃
1 - 3 of 3 Posts