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Monster Energy 5 Port Lucky 7

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Here is the Lucky 7 w/ the Monster stickers.


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Looking pretty schnazzy there EPR.............To top off the look I think it needs a 3" stretch in the rear to keep it on two wheels............:rolleyes:
PBU won't make their L7 lifts anymore, I plan to go 4", have the 1/4" alum plate and the layout full scale. Tape the 2 pieces together w/ 3M poster tape, cut, drill etc., take them apart you have a left and a right. Going to have to run cross bars to support the plates. Alum running threads and nuts might work, running them across or criss cross.
I just want it longer for the chopper look, want to put a sissy bar on the back,lol. My foot pegs are on the front axle so that helps keep the front end down. I oredered some parts and they sent the stickers so I put them to use.
What this a slap together or a all new bike to you? Looks very nice...
It's just the same bike except for the 9mm Accell spark wire and the monster stickers. Put them on cause the body was bare.
Lookin' good EPR. I have some Crazy Plum Purple 10mm Mopar spark wire that would look awesome on that bike...
The accel wire was a short piece left over from my Kawasaki Pro Stock drag bike days. Had to cut the outer yellow cover at the coil end to get it small enough to put it on the coil post, and some RTV silicon.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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