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So I have a MX500 frame. I plan on upgrading to a 48v 750watt motor and run 60v. Here is a list of parts....

12ah lead battery- $23ea. free shipping!
12v 12ah APC RBC4 SLA UPS Replacement Battery | eBay

48v motor - $53, $66 shipped
48 Volt 750 Watt Electric Motor with 11 Tooth 8 mm 05T Chain Sprocket (MY1020)

LB37 controller $38, 48v thumb throttle w/ powerswitch and led meter $12

$125 motor/controller

$115 batteries.

I'm hitting 23.7mph on 7.2ah batts on a 36v 650watt. 30amp controller.

I'll be using a 50amp controller so I plan yo at least see me climbing the dirt hills around my house with ease.
I'd also like to see my speed at 26mph...that shouldn't be too much to ask for. I'd really love to hit the 30mph mark, but I need to lose some weight.

my 14yr old neighbor weighs 85lbs...he hit 26.3mph on my 60vMX650.
I don't want him to try this bike...I think it's too much speed for the brakes....I mean one little slip up....

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So I used my MX500 this winter to get back and forth in the snow, the salt had corroded it pretty bad, but it's a quick fix with some PB blaster!
After all of that I had strapped 60v 14ah worth of batteries to the bike....ten 7.2AH batteries(50lbs!) and used my 24-60v 100amp controller on it.
This had burned the motor out pretty bad.
So recently I took the 250a breaker and hooked 36v up direct to motor. I can do about 10mph like this. Although I used wire from an extension cord and the rubber melted right off.
Franken bike had a small electrical fire!
So I put up my 1k motor to size it, and I find it's horribly big!
This is a complete disappointment to me.
So I'm trying to get this mini moto quad....it has a 36v 500watt motor on it. I plan on putting a 60v 1000watt motor on it.
I plan on overvolting the motor to 84v...that would be really sweet!

2 things holding me back....
1. I sold my 100amp controller(it cooked 2 motors)
2. There isn't a good controller option.

I'm thinking of using an LB37 it's a 50amp 48v controller, but I do not know how far I can push it.
See I could just get a 48v motor and run 72v on it, but I need a motor with a bracket, and the 60v is only $105...the best value.
So I'm fixed on the 60v, but I need to overvolt it to wake it up. So automaticlly set at 72v.

The other thing that troubles me is the 36v 1k and the 60v 1k weigh the same....***?!?!! How is this possible? Smae motor can...just differenent thinckness wraps...1 has thinner wire more wraps, 1 has thicker wire less wrap. The thicker wire lessens the current. But it would have a lot more torque.

The bottom line is I don't want to modify the MX....it can't really be modded. the stock 650watt is $70 and I already know its limits. I want to go bigger and faster.
The 1000watt is the way to go.

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Beaten to it!!!

So this guy has done a dual 300 before me AND a 60v dirtbike before me! It seems a bit crazy that an extra 100watts would give you an extra 10mph, but if it's a 48v motor and the gearing was right, it seems entirely possible.

Still want to know if you can do a direct motor swap or do you need to swap endcaps. I can't do that easily. 1 of my bolts is stripped on the burned out 500.
The extra amps from the controller and larger batteries seem to help as well. I'm using a 30amp with 7.2AH he uses a 50amp with 10 or 12ah batteries.
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