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MX350 Now 1000W :) - however throttle problem when batteries low ?

So i finally moded my MX350 to 1000W - had to really my 5 year daughter was beating me on hers :eek:

only problem i have is when the voltage drops occasionally the throttle seems to stick on just for a second , my guess it's the control unit but is it faulty or expected ?

By sjpage10 at 2011-06-03

for anyone who is interested a very brief overview of what i did - i would have have modded a MX650 if i could have bought one here in the UK but you cant :(

1) purchase 1000w 36V motor
2) Purchase 36v control unit (mine is rated at 40amps)
3) purchase new throttle with 36V battery display
4) I used 3 10amp 12v batteries soldered and duct taped together (we where out for 1 hour yesterday and it was just starting to go flat)
5) grind out the battery case
6) bend some 10mm angle in to a square that the batteries will fit snug in
7) weld in place
8) grind out the old motor bracket leaving in the stand section
9) cut to pieces of angle that fit snug between the swinging arm and drill holes for motor
10) weld in the angle and mount the motor
11) install the new control unit
12) i just duct taped in the battery seems to hold OK

oh i almost forgot you will also need a 36v charger
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