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MX500 Work in progress...

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Here are some changes I recently made to one of my MX500's. Its still running a 36V stock controller and 500W motor. I replaced the rear sprocket with custom cut 100t from Rebel Gears, and the motor sprocket with a 13t. Overall it has decent speed and enough torque to pull me and my sons wagon while keeping the motor cool to the touch. Chopping the top battery support bar allowed more room for batteries. I chopped the handle bar and welded a MTB bad to give it a different look. I still need to do some more welding and also grind some areas smooth. Eventually replacing the electrical system with a 48v brushless setup. Here were some photos...I will post more later.

Also, can someone explain to me how to disassemble the front fork. The shock boots were eroded so I bought some new ones from ebay. I just cant seem to figure out how to get them separated. It looks like a bolt when looking down into the upside down shock. Thanks for any help.

(more info on my website)

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i think you can replace the shock seals without taking them apart. remove the front tire and axle. the rubber piece should come off, stick a screwdriver behind it.

EDIT: this might not work... the part where the axle is might be too big. but its worth a shot.

did you paint the rims, or are they just rusty? either way, they look great!
Thanks for the reply...One of the seals I can probably stretch over the tube, but the other has the mount for the disc brake, with no way that it will stretch that much. The rims are rusty on this bike but I have another bike that has no rust what so ever. I can kinda of see some sort of bolt inside, and tried welding a hex wrench to a long piece of steel rod for reach. It doesn't seem to want to loosen either way I turn it. A coworker said sometimes they use nylon bolts, and warned me not to strip it. I want to put a different front fork on but don't know of a replacement. If anyone has some info it would be greatly appreciated.
I'm in the process of getting my mx650 running but I can't find forks for it anywhere.... Hope you are having better luck than I am.
Razor doesn't have individual parts for those things and no one is parting bikes out anymore you might try contacting razor just to be sure

More than likely they'll have to sell you forks complete.
Okay I was wrong I went to eBay and I typed in MX650 forks and MX500 forks and there was a plentiful amount !!!
I did too but I didn't find any.... I'm gonna go check right now, Thanks for the info. 😊
Razer just sent me an email with this link in it


the problem with this website and posting links is people go into the store and then buy them all because of hoarding or hopes to resell the parts on Amazon or ebay at a higher price
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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