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MX650 is dead? Upgrades?

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Hi All,

I stupidly washed my mx650 without being cautious of where the water went. Now it dosent seem to accept a full charge. When I turn it on it still says batteries are low (after charging for days) and when I hit the throttle it goes for about a second then makes this horrible sound where it wants to wind up just clicks.

A) Any thoughts on whats wrong? What needs to be replaced?

B) I have been meaning to makes upgrades to the bike for extra speed. If anyone with experience of replacing parts could lead me in the right direction to get an extra 5-10mph it would be appreciated. I'm mechanically declined so everything would need be bolt on. Don't really have a budget but would like to keep it all under $300.

Thanks for your time.
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Sounds like the Issue I'm Having, Think I narrowed it down to the motor.

I tested mine by just unplugging the motor, Using 2 pieces of wire to jump the connector that goes from the batteries to the controller(battery side), lift the rear tire off the ground and sticking the wires directly into the motor connector bypassing the throttle and controller completly. I wouldnt hold it on there too long because its full power.
Mine didnt respond until I rotated the motor manually and then it only had a short burst but then I couldn't get it to move at all after that.

Also a good idea to check your voltage comming off the battery bank. Should be around 40 volts with a full charge.
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