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My $100 pocket bikes...

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So here are my 2 bikes that I got for $100 bucks.. Neither were running or start able when I picked them up, the tires looked brand spanking new and under the dust they looked great.. Not only the little rubber sticks on the tires but the thin line in the middle of the tires is still there.. The blue one was missing the windshield and the windshield was broken on the black one along with the seat fairing. Looked like they crashed the black one after a mile and never rode them again… They came with the stands and a bag of goodies that included 1 OG tool kit with pouch and 2 extra black windshields.. The blue bike looked great, I emptied the old gas, cleaned the carb wiped it of and switched the windshield. It started right up and sound pretty good. It needs to be broken in and the carb adjusted maybe a tad more but it in great shape. The Black one was missing rear bearings and Chain tensioners, spacers and had a huge crack in the seat plastic.. I ended up finding a pretty trashed 25$ bike that had everything I needed to complete that one. After a quick paint job to the new seat fairing, cleaning the carb, grinding the holes in the rear arm longer so the chain would fit right and adding some spacers, it’s now in great running shape too..

Time to flip them for something bigger and better… Total cost $138 after the spare bike and a hardware store run.. I also have a MTA1 frame and engine that are still in great shape also from the $25 bike.. I’ll clean em up and sell them too… Or maybe put the engine on my Beach cruser.. lol, who knows... Hopefully this will be a quick turnaround but a cheap fun one for sure…


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Great buy man and nice bikes.........:thumbsup:...
Hoot, Hoot, yeah, now you can get your Polini parts,lol.
lol, a few of the parts anyway.. :rolleyes: I think I found a buyer at $280 for the set.. I'm supposed to deliver them Friday. I've had a few other calls so if the deal goes south I still have outs.. Thinks its a fair deal for both of us.. That will help for sure.. I might be able to pay off young and get the Cylinder kit in the next few days vs weeks.. YAY!

Might have found a buyer for my other Cateye I have sitting also.. lol

50cc Polini Here I come..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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