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My new project Idea

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Started a frame design let me know what you guys think
wanted a bobber type small bike and will be using either honda or briggs motor. need input for tires and rims clutch and transmission combo.
I am knew at this so will be learning as i go along.

thank you for viewing. link below to short movie


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Cool idea. I did recently read stuff about some other powered bicycle on this site - check that out as they did discuss some of your questions.
I like the frame concept..Whats your plans for it..Streetlegal or just a blasterbike???.....
Well its not going to be a powered bike at all more of a small motorcycle.
I saw the frame design on the web and made a few adjustments
to the frame to make it look the way i wanted it to.
Hopefully i can get to the point where its street legal, thats the goal.
I'm gonna weld the frame up first after i make some choices on motor and wheels. Going to need some input from fellow builders because like i said I'm new at this.

thanks for viewing

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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