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My Squadron....

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Sorry no pics yet but here's what I have...

I have 5 boys... Yes 5. I'm 41 and they range from 14 down to 6. We are just getting into this and I have been collecting parts, reading, and building. Here is our current squadron.

49cc kxd 4-stroke automatic dirtbike
MX500 with a YK43B controller and 5 9 aH batteries. Stock 500 watt 36 v motor on 60 v, slightly toasted...
MX350, older model with full suspension, proportional controller, 4 9 aH batteries. Stock 350 watt 24 v motor on 48 v. It does well with this controller and the 6 yr old!
Chopper - Build out of a few sections of a MX350 and lots of cutting, welding, and grinding. It has a YK43B controller and 4 12 aH batteries. Stock 350 watt 24 v motor on 48 v, a little toasty...
2 - 40 cc 2-stroke pocket bikes. One is complete and running. The other is almost complete (missing a gas tank and foot pegs) for parts
2 - electric scooters, 1 loosing all it's plastic and sporting a 2 tone purple tube frame and possibly getting streched. The other probably getting full suspension and possibly the other little 2 stoke engine.

Anyway... I built the chopper for Christmas and bought new batteries for everything including controllers too but decided to wait on new motors. I've been reading about things you can do to protect motors and new ones will soon be on the way. Along with a few electronic goodies.

The carbs on all the chinese bikes seem to be poor quality. I've disassembled both types to clean and inspect. The both leak fuel pretty bad. It's almost as if the float bowls don't float enough to shut off fuel flow. Still need to look into this more.

This would be even better if we could find some place to ride the road bikes. I have a large back yard for the dirtbikes.

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Welcome to the site… Nice little fleet you got there!! I don’t know much about those electric bikes but sound fun.. Good luck on the projects… On the carbs, try putting a gas line on the carb with it off the bike. Hold it right side up and blow. Then turn it over and blow.. If the air is going through upside down means the float valve is trash or you need to bend the float stopper tabs down a little..

I don’t know where you are but around here you gotta be on private property (with permission) that is closed off to street traffic or on a closed track for it to be legal.. Lame! But we get pretty lucky with big empty lots.. Maybe try industrial lots on weekends, a high school parking lot, fairground lot?! Good luck!

Welcome to the site.........5 boys..:eek:........Well I guess thats better than 5 girls.......LOL.Sounds like you got the starts of a pretty nice group of fun

As far as the carbs being of poor quality...Everything Chinese is...The carbs are pretty twitchy until theyre blueprinted......Then they just become twitchy...Good Luck with them......
Welcome aboard, I have 3 boys 8 yr old twins and a 16 yr. old.
Welcome to PBP! You definitely found the right hobby to keep those boys busy and out of trouble!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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