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my two cags and w/c bike i got for free

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hay so got all this for free today what should i do thay all run but i wont to strip them and rebild them so any idears people and with the cags i wont to make a trike any idears with doing that and also i wont to do up the w/c bike in the pick its a full bike but i striped it as i wont to look how it is and also i wont to make the w/c bike can some one tell me what it is plz as i dont know and also ill be leting my gf use that one till i make the trike up im thinking of just makeing a axle and welding it to where the swing arms are then just get a secand weel what do you think thanks


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i wos talking to a old friend and he said god cvome over to mine in my workshop ic got 3 of them mini motos you can have them and all the bits so i did when i got there as you can tell i wos well happy as i wonted a cag ahaha now have 2 and also a new watercooled bike hahah iv finished rebilding it no and the bike is finished goes like a beast its for the girl friend but arfter today i think it might be to fast hahah
Take the 2 bikes and make a tandem bike. One in front of the other, like a two person bike,lol. Or maybe side by side.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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