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my two cags and w/c bike i got for free

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hay so got all this for free today what should i do thay all run but i wont to strip them and rebild them so any idears people and with the cags i wont to make a trike any idears with doing that and also i wont to do up the w/c bike in the pick its a full bike but i striped it as i wont to look how it is and also i wont to make the w/c bike can some one tell me what it is plz as i dont know and also ill be leting my gf use that one till i make the trike up im thinking of just makeing a axle and welding it to where the swing arms are then just get a secand weel what do you think thanks


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The water cooled bike looks like a 50cc E13, not a B1 or C1. That rear arm is scary for twice the hp of a Cag. If you have a welder, you might add another tube from the upper frame down to the back part off the rear arm for strength.
yeah thats on my list thanks epr also do you know how to get the clutch nut off as i dont is it a standerd thred its kinda rounded off a bit but what do you hold the clutch with and also can i stick the 19mm carb off my gp3 the rep carb on to this as the one on this is a 15mm carb? and well it has the same engine as a b1 rep because i have a b1 rep engine here and its the same i might be wrong and allso what can i do to the cags to make them better as thay are a bit s****ty
I stick a screwdriver and catch one shoe and get it on a cases rib so it can't turn and power it off w/ air tools. It should come off w/ a ratchet and socket. Could be rusted on, I use this spray called Aero Kroil, it penetrates thru the rust, so you can get it off, best stuff I ever seen.
what about the carb then any idears
also what way does the clutch nut tern to get it off is it a revers or standerd left lose right tight?
My C1 is a regular thread, off counter clockwise, theres no taper for it to lock on too, and mine was real tight.
Nice score.......Those are easy to fix up......Good luck with them

You need tools like these for disassembly

110volt mega powerhouse

non-electric manual use impact gun thats hammer strike activated

18volt Rigid Impact gun...DeWalt is pretty good too............

And of course theres good old air............

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yeah im saveing for some of them now ill be geting a compressir ferst then air tools iv bean told there the best anyway and well iv got them clean up and havent used petrall thrue them yet but iv bean told thay ran like 5 mounths ago and so i just cleaned them up and on one of the cags it had pmt tryers so thats a good find ill take them off use them on my polini lol and also im haveing problams trying to find the radiator hose and what type spark plug to use on the b1 rep engine bike also need petral hose does anyone knoe what size pipe that is and also if i can get diffrunt radiator hose to fit? allso i need chains but thay come in link sizes here like a 75 link chain how do i know how meany i need? thanks guys i know im arsking but im new to cags and i must edmite i like them thay seema good size
The fuel outlet is big enough for 1/4" or 6.3mm hose and filter...Look up petcock mod and do the carbs aon both and add an in-line 1/4" on/off petcock..

For the chain your most ecomonical bet is to buy a 10ft rioll and a few masterlinks...Its the same price as one chain and you get more than one chain out of the deal............

Radiator hoses are preformed but if your good at bending 3/4" soft copper or 3/4" aluminum gasline coil...you can make lines that actually add to the cooling of the engine,,alls youd need to connect them is a 3" piece of rubber hose for each and clamps...........I used Nylon braided clear line on my Polini.........I used a 1500 watt heatgun to help get the bends I needed............

My Cheapest set of airtools for in a pinch was $49.00;-so was the compressor.....Its not the greatest quality but they work great on chinese pocketbikes.......LOL

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I just had to order a new air compressor, today from H/F Tools, 2.5 hp, 125 PSI, vertical 21 gallon tank, and about 5 cu ft a min. 90 lbs. Onsale $149.99 or something. $12 CA. tax and $21.94 S/H, or $183.93 to my door. It would cost me $20 to drive my truck 75 miles so I will let FedEx handle it, my old 2 hp motor gave up.
I just had to order a new air compressor, today from H/F Tools, 2.5 hp, 125 PSI, vertical 21 gallon tank, and about 5 cu ft a min. 90 lbs. Onsale $149.99 or something. $12 CA. tax and $21.94 S/H, or $183.93 to my door. It would cost me $20 to drive my truck 75 miles so I will let FedEx handle it, my old 2 hp motor gave up.
I have 3 house compressors..One I made for the hobbyroom out of an airbrush compressor and a Mapp gas bottle with coil hose to quick fill pocketbike tires.............Heres my other bigger house compressor...

I have 3 at the hobby shop..Two like this and a Craftsman laydown

Heres one of 3 of my bigdog compressors......

The other 2 big dogs...one of these days ill have time to organize stuff......LOL

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the fist cag in that pic is what i have wow i wont it that clean and also is there anything you guys can tell me todo to the engine to get more out of it also how fast does a cag go? AND EPR i have one of them heat guns also is the coppper pipeing on on a bike yeah? i like that idear as it adds to the cooling any tipss on doing that any othere type of pipe i can use ? and well im looking at secand hand compressors and i found a fue that are like £60.00 so not to bad lol and air tools here are well cheap i have to say thay are really good and wish i had the room you guys do haha need a work shop hahah
also i dont think theres anywhere here i can buy 10ft of cahin i can tell yeah any idears? also how do i mersuer the saize of a chain as on the gp3 its a 6mm and is it a 7 or 8mm on a cag and whats it on a b1 rep bike?
My C1 has #25 chain, the small one and my A2 Cag came with T8F 8mm chain which I took off. Looking to mod a 6 tooth, 05T 8mm pinion gear to fit one of my 3 C1 clutch housings and the 54 rear gear off my A2 and run 8mm chain. One housing has threads the others have flat spot and a clip to hold it in place. Trying the same thing on my 40cc polini rep engine, with the Polini bell, the problem is the thread pitch is like 1.50per mm and the Cag pinion is 1.25, so no go. So it's back to square one,lol.
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