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My X-19 Pocket Bike Only Goes 30mph

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Since I bought my X19 pocket bike, I can only reach 30mph, no more. Its an automatic trans, is that why? Or is my governor set too low? PLS HELP
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The newer bikes have governors on them that limited spped. i heard it was the carb that was restrictive, but is hard to break open and tune. Most people get new carbs. Dont own a super bike so sorry if im wrong. just trying to help out
I think (not Positive) that they have 2 governors.. One in the throttle and one in the carb.. Google hoe to remove them and you might find quick help...

Good luck.
If it's a 2010 or some 09 and up the carb is tamper proof and the slide is way to long to allow the proper amount of air in and its a total east to try and do anything with that carb there are not clips on the needle and the bowl has breakaway bolts so it can't be opened trust me get a new or a 22mm carb for it it will be like night and day
" Ditto " took the words out of my mouth.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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