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My x12 ran for a few days won't start now ??

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Here's a video i had it running http://youtu.be/VcrK-VaLIgY . Days later i go to ride it and didnt start ,cracks well .What are some tips to troubleshoot?


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That carb is at a pretty wicked angle...id start with the float.......put the front tire 8" higher than the rear wheel and see if itll start
Okay.Thanks for the tip.
Check your pilot jet if it's dirty the bike will not run. Put gas down the carb or plug hole, make sure your plug is firing and try again. If it trys to run and stops, check the carb.
EPR even if my carb is a brand new one ?it could be dirty ?
I had to drain the whole fuel system, clean the tank, replace the lines and filter. There is alot of crap in your fuel and over time it sits in your carb and tank and turns into slime & gum. I was taking the new carb off every 2 days to clean out the float bowl and clean the pilot jet.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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