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need bike identified CAG

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i know it has a 49cc motor, picked it up for $50, now need to order parts for it!!!
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Id have that thing running and riding in a day without spending any money..LOL...It looks like it has the beefier TF-8mm chainset...

I would of gave $20 bucks but the bike you have is a Blade,,,or GP-RSR...It also looks like its a 43cc[40mm piston] based on that rectangular casting on the side of the head,,If can you get a better side shot of the head on the clutch side it would be easier to tell......

Engine parts and such from a regular cag will work just fine.................Good luck with it......
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MPR sells the GP-RSR, you can look there to start.
O_O i would not have paid 50$ for that. Oh lord it looks like it sat at the bottom of a swamp. the frames nice though, front and rear suspension is always good.
Isn't that bike a MTA-4 or MTA-2 Full Fairing Cag?
Isn't that bike a MTA-4 or MTA-2 Full Fairing Cag?
MT-A4's are watercooled....A2's dont have front shocks or a rear shock...Its a MT-A3
Don't look like that chain is any good. If it is too rusted and has tight or real loose spots you might have trouble, soak the thing in engine oil.
minipocketrockets in Los angeles.
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