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need help bad with my gp3

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hello so i have now rebilt my engin how ever iv just bean told that all 2 stroke engines have timeing i did know but i didnt know mini motos have i am new to mini motos so can some one help with my polini gp3 rep as well i got all polini parts in it now so it should be a beast so asap
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They have a keyway setting on the crank thats adjustable with a rocket key for a 10 degree advamce...the other timing is port timing...Thats done with a dremel and a degree wheel aswell as buying the 2 stroke tuners handbook or DVD for professional info.....
so if i just oute the bike back to gether then it will run fine i wos just wurryd like i have to pute the piston back a serton way and the clutch thats all and well do you know where i can get the dvd or book from and whats it calld and is it for gp3s or any bike ? thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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