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need help thinking of geting a big bore help

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hay so i have a gp3 rep bike but its had so much done to it thats its more like a polini

anyway so its a bat out of hell as is but im in the need of mind bending pawer haha so thinking of a big bore but not a real polini one as thay are a bomb to buy

so found this one for £50 iv bean told by the seller it fits my bike but heres the problam it might do but theres one more pipe fiting than i have now? see what i wos going to do is onecs i got this i wos going to get a 18m dellro carb and then run the bike should be a best so heres the link have a look tell me what you think http://www.petrolscooter.co.uk/cylinder-kit-36mm-to-40mm-conversion-50cc-polini.html#

see my impeller is in the engine so the water runs up thrue the engine then round the piston out thrue the top next to the spark plug however this one is same as mine i mean identecall but it also has a feed inlet from the back of the barall ? so what do i do? just cap it off or? make a T piece ? you tell me

also if you could tell me if anyone has done this before thanks
and can cag back weels fit my bike?
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If you have a B1 or C1 Blata engine that will not work, I am pretty sure. Man I would love to have that for my 40cc Polini Rep engine, never seen one in America like that. You need a Blata 50cc kit, they have them at Tsunamibike in Canada, thats where I bought my 50cc C1 Blata copy bike.
no i mean for my polini right well i got it hahahah it will be here in 4 days the big bore kit plus polini reeds and also a new real dellro 18mm carb set up ready to pute on so i cant wait the only problam is the big bore kit has a inlet half way up the side and out let on top and iv bean told it will fit however i will have to some how block the inlet so then the impeller can work proplay any idears? and also will i notis much more pawer? any one fill me in?

also just got a new cag engine will be here in 5 days as when i took the cag i have apart the crank wos not in line at all so the engines here are £25 so $50 there in the us and its set up ready to rock so that will be up and runing next week i might tern it in to a mini stunt bike any idears on how to make it stronga? an are thay fast?
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Sounds good,my C1 has the wheels off and have to change to the SS racing exhaust, got some very soft slick tires, and my small tire changer works pretty good.
tell me how you made that then as i think ill need one haha thay are so hard to get off
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