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need help with chain size

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I just picked up a used cag and the chain is completely rusted and stiff. About 60% of the links are stuck in the position they are in and I can not move them. I want to buy a new chain but I have no idea what size it is.... How do I find out the size......it is real small..looks like about half the size of a bicycle chain. Thank you
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Buy a 10ft roll of 25h and a couple masterlinks or buy a chainbreaker tool.....The roll of chain and masterlinks will cost ya the same practically as one thats already made for the bike.If you want the direct replacement chain count the links because theres 5-6 different chain sizes........

An old saltflats bike runner trick,,,,take the rusted chain and put it in a bottle of cocacola for a few days,,wire brush it and then oil it but from what your describing its shotter than shot..............Good Luck
Cocacola is the cheap alternative to that trick, anti rust solution and a can of oil is the best. let it sit in the anti rust for about a day, break up the links with pliers, then dip in oil for about 12 hours. I do this EVERY SPRING on ALL my chain driven contraptions, since I store my stuff in my shed, which has some slight leaks, and -40 degree celcius weather in the winter...

then again, 10 ft of #25 chain will only cost you like 20 bucks, and thats enough for the lifetime of your CAG.

Is it a Cag Quad or pocket bike? just curious, I'm refurbishing a quad myself.


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Where can I buy the chain at?
hardware stores, autopart stores, lawn care equipment stores, lawn equipment repair shops, pep boys might have, Napa might have, if you're in canada, you can deffinately get some from Canadian Tire. maybe a bicycle shop will have that too... if you cant find it, and dont live in a place where anti rust is common due to no winter, just use CAMs coke trick, works great, and is very cheap.
Where can I buy the chain at?
ebay,,ww grainger,,mcmaster Carr,,scooterparts4less.com

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Cool.. thank you guys.... And I'm pretty sure its a cag... As soon as I can get a pic up I will.. I would like to know for sure ..lol
Its a 47cc MTA1 half fairing, or A1 Cag as we call it. Number #25 or #25H chain for the older bikes.
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