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Need help with no start!

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Ok this is what I have checked so far. I tore the carburetor apart and cleaned it with carb cleaner. I found no issues with it. So I checked the coil to make sure it had the correct gap and it does. The coil is grounded to the frame and the red wire goes to the kill switch. I checked the spark and it looks great to me. I have an e 12 spark plug set at .3 which should be more than enough. I set the carburetor at 2 1/2 turns out for the high and low. I have read every article on here and tried everything that was stated. For some reason it seems as if the gas will not ignite. I have attached photos below to show you what I am looking at.


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What color spark does he plug give off? Weak orange or bright blue/white? That could be an indicator of a bad plug or coil....
The spark is a bright blue. The gas is mixed at 36:1 with 93 octane.
When the piston is at top dead center (top of the cylinder) where are the magnets on the flywheel? They should be just a bit past the coil poles...if not, then you may have sheared the keyway....

If thats all good try shooting a little ether (starter fluid) down the throat of the carb (sparingly... You may want to add a bit of oil too, given that the gas/oil mix lubes everything and you pop it off on just ether its pretty tough on the piston)and see if it pops off on that...then you know its a carb issue
The first magnet is past the left screw as your looking at the coil. The second magnet is centered on the left screw. Meanwhile the cylinder is setting at top dead center.
Is your spark plug wet after you try to start it? 2 1/2 turns is alot. Start at 1 3/4 or 2 turns on the H screw on the side. I always clean & dry the plug, then put alittle gas in the hole, put it back and try to start it. It helps to open the throttle a hair to get more air.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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