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Need help with starting my pocket bike

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I have a 47cc pocket bike and I believe it's a caglarri. I purchased it on a local craigslist about a month ago. It had issues with the gas tank and fuel lines. The bike also just looked ghetto-rigged. It worked on an inconsistent basis at this time. I then dismounted the engine and cleaned it some. I then purchased a ufo style air filter, ngk spark plug, gas tank, fuel lines, and a new pull-start. Since the remounting of the engine, and then adding this items, the bike will not start whatsoever. The gas is fine, I have the right mix and all. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated!
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Yep it's a Cag Daytona. Pull the plug, ground it to the engine pull the rope, see if you get blueish spark. If so, put a teaspoon of gas in the hole, put it back & see if it trys to run. Coils on these bikes are not the best and can go at anytime. Make sure your coil kill switch wire is not grounded to the frame, cause it won't fire like that.
Thanks! But I am unsure what you mean by "ground it to the engine," i know what grounding means though. and also I am unsure if the kill switch wire is grounded and what i should do if it is.
Touch the outside of the plug to ground, the frame, or. Find the small wire off the coil near the pull start housing, follow it to a connector, pull it apart if you don't get a spark and try again. If it starts pull it back in and see if your kill switch works. Does it have a key switch?? If it's off the bike won't start, happened on my Cag, and I kept for getting, so I leave it on all the time.
Okay, I'll do that next. It does not have a key switch though.
I don't see the blue spark, but I added gas to that hole. The pocket bike actually seems like it is going to start compared to before. I still can't get it to fully start though.
It's hard to see the spark in the daytime, I like nighttime for that. Must have some spark. Sounds like it's not getting gas to the engine. The carb main jet and or bowl could be dirty, or the reeds could be broken or not sealing. Also the rubber diaphram inside the white turn off knob can rip and block the gas flow. Dirty carb is a very commom problem on these bikes.
I would take the drain screw out on the bottom of the carb bowl and see if gas comes out. I would pull the carb, and then the intake manifold and take the reed plate off too. Take the bowl off the carb and unscrew the brass main jet and clean the bowl.
There is an outside chance that you flywheel jumped timing but look there last, if all esle fail,lol.
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