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need some images of a cat eye

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Hey guys i was wondering if someone could help me put together a folder of my cat eye pocketbike. I am hoping to find the better images of breakdowns of the bike, carb, motor, electric and anything else that might be helpful.

I would like to have this for my own reference for this cat eye i have and for others that i am going to try to buy.

Any help is appreciated
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Also if anybody has any other info that applies to the cat eye or motor on it, like tips, hints, tricks, mods. pretty much need stuff i can print out and keep in case our power goes out for a week again or so that i can just have it to take with me if i go work on some friends cat eyes.
i wasnt trying to get you guys to do the work, just figured you might have had some on hand and could have easily linked me. sorry didnt mean to ask so much. ill try to lay off all the questions for a while.:eek:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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